Towards Computing Literacy

Introducing myself to group, describing past work with MIT App Inventor, and current work with teaching people to read code (separate from teaching people to write code).

2016 Meeting for NSF Grant on Variations to Support Exploratory Programming. Nov 2016.

``How do I get it to save?`` Persistent Data in MIT App Inventor

Workshop on persistent data in MIT App Inventor (TinyDB, Fusion Tables, Firebase)

2016 App Inventor Summit. June 2016.

How we develop skills by making apps

Progression of Computational Thinking Skills Demonstrated by App Inventor Users

MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative All-Hands. May 2016.

Measuring the Usability and Capability of App Inventor to Create Mobile Applications

Presentation for 2015 Workshop on Programming for Mobile and Touch (PROMOTO)

ACM SPLASH. Pittsburgh, PA. Oct 2015.