What's a journey without a few detours? Issaquah, WA

What’s a journey without a few detours?
Issaquah, WA

I’m two weeks into my Ph.D. I still have that new student shine, that new student smell (or lack thereof?). I haven’t even worn sweatpants to school yet! And yet I’m already learning the hard way.

To be clear…
I didn’t break anything expensive.
I didn’t read the wrong book for class.
I didn’t forget about a meeting with my advisor.

The school and research parts, the academic part of my academic life has started off quite well. My advisor and I are on the same page from the start. Conversations I have with faculty and peers have me thinking differently and seeing new perspectives. I’m even doing my readings! The academic part of my academic life is doing just fine.

I just forgot to make life part of my academic life.

I told myself that I was going to join clubs, reconnect with old friends in the area, and get out and do stuff. But even when I had free time, I just kept to myself at my apartment. After a motivational slump that went on for a few days and just feeling down, enough was enough.

I spent this morning messaging three friends to meet up this upcoming week, finding four clubs that will get me outside and far away from my couch and keyboard, and scheduling some athletic ventures into my life.

So while I’m a full-time student, I’m also a full-time (ok, at least a part-time?) human being. And human beings take breaks, connect with others, and switch gears.

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